BIM is a methodology focused on the process data generation and management of civil works during its life cycle, using dynamic modeling software in 3D and in real time, to reduce the loss of time and resources in the design, construction and conservation of infrastructures. This process produces the information model of the work (BIM model), which covers the geometry of the construction elements, spatial relationships, geographic information, as well as the quantities and properties of its components.


  • Is our platform CWS (CivilWorks Web Services) compatible with BIM?

 The answer is yes. The platform is compatible with the IFC standard and in the future will be compatible with other formats.

  • Do the platform allow the visualization of BIM models and the use of the associated information?

 The answer is yes, the platforms has an integrated visualization system that allows multiple operations.

  • Do the platform allow the integration of the GIS data and the BIM models?

 Once again the answer is affirmative, CWS allows integrating the BIM models with the GIS functionalities of the system, without the need for systems or third-party licenses.

  • What advantages can I obtain when working with CWS platform?
  • Nowadays, the integration of the BIM methodology allows us to:

        - The visualization and integration of BIM models in the processes that are developed from CWS.

Integration of BIM models in the geographic information system (GIS).

- Generation of BIM models with geotechnical information and terrain models from CivilGeo.

- Integration of the BIM information in the structure management system AURA.

- Integration of the BIM information in the slopes management  system.

- Integration of BIM information in inspection systems .

- Integration of BIM information in inventory management systems.

Work in a distributed way on the BIM model with only an Internet connection.

- Management of versions of the BIM model with registration of all the operations, modifications or extensions carried out on the model.


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IFC 4 model with textures in our BIM viewer


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