CIVILROAD is the solution for conservation and exploitation tasks in road and highway infrastructures. CIVILROAD is a solution that is born from the combination of CWS modules and the integration of the needs of each client according to their needs depending on the Administration, country, etc., where the concession is located.

We are currently present with CIVILROAD in several countries, apart from Spain.

Among the possibilities currently offered by CIVILROAD  we have:

  • Inventory management.
  • Management of ordinary conservation operations.
  • Management of operations and road works.
  • Complete CWSGIS functionalities.
  • CWSpointcolud functionalities.
  • CWBIM functionalities.
  • CWSdocuments functionalities
  • Communications records.
  • Accidents management.
  • Specific functionalities for the management of structures and bridges through AURA.
  • Specific functionalities for the management of pavements.
  • Management of the machinery float.
  • Personnel management.
  • Reports generation. In combination with CIVILROAD MOBILE we allow the elimination of paper in daily jobs.
  • CIVILROAD MOBILE that allows us to digitally manage information in the field and its subsequent automatic integration into the platform.
  • 360º video integration.
  • Etc.




CivilRoad reports

The use of CivilRoad has multiple advantages:

  • Standarised management of field and office works.
  • Significant reduction in time needed for field operations managemente (CivilRoad Mobiel).
  • Significant reduction in transcription errors.
  • Significant reduction in query delays increasing efficiency.
  • Significant reduction in reports generation.
  • We can adapt CivilRoad to the operating company needs to obtain the best producto for our costumers.


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