CWS (CivilWorks Web Services) is the platform created by CivilNova Software SL for the management and processing of information in the cloud. The services offered by this platform can be complementary to our desktop applications or alone services according to the needs required by customer. Currently there are several services developed within CWS working.

CWS can be adapted for different purposes:

  • BIM compatible
  • Microsoft Sharepoint compatible
  • Inventory management
  • Operation and maintenance management
  • Inspections management
  • Real time monitoring systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • IP cameras mangement. Video recording services
  • Works with SCADA systems
  • Alarms systems management
    • Define your own alarms
    • Graphic alarms view
    • Send emails and sms to the interested users
  • Documents management
  • Elements tracebility
  • Public sites management
  • etc

In addition, our platform incorporates GIS functionalitiesCAD tools, BIM compatibility and 3D functionalities and an advanced report generator that allows you to take full advantage of the information gathered from different sources.