CWS. Tunnels and viaducts monitoring:

Our CWS platform is being used for the monitoring of a viaduct and three tunnels in the LAV Madrid - Bacelona - France. Our platform controls leveling landmarks (seat plates, leveling nails), extensometers of various types, piezometers, pressure cells, prisms and leveling bases.

LAV Madrid - Barcelona - France

CWS. Tunnel monitoring:

Our CWS platform is being used for the monitoring of risks in the buildings adjacent to the Metrotren tunnel in Gijón, and in the management of readings and alarms of the various instruments installed in the layout.

CWS. Piles monitoring:

Our CWS platform will be the base of our new Project to monitorize piles in Middle East.

The system will allow monitoring load cells, inclinometers and prisms to control a system of more than 100 piles located in the four main towers zone of the work.

Inclinometer graphics

CWS has been used to control the railway tracks burial works in Langreo (Asturias). 

The instruments used in these works include piezometers, pressure cells, extensometers, inclinometers, miniprisms, leveling strips and leveling nails. 

Langreo railway track burial

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