The CWSdocuments document manager module allows advanced management of all files related to infrastructures, concessions, civil works, minies, etc. The main features of this module are:

  • Personalized management of the folder tree.
  • Independent folder tree at different levels of detail of the elements (general level of the work or concession, by elements, by sub-elements at any level of nesting, etc.).
  • Custom file characterization.
  • Search Filters
  • Traceability of the operations carried out on the files by the different users in combination with the profile and user management system.
  • Indexed search in the content of files in PDF, Word, Excel, ASCII formats practically in real time, regardless of the number of files.
  • In future versions it will include indexed search in dxf files.
  • Access to documentation through the GIS representation of the elements.
  • Possibility of accessing the documentation from the representation of elements in point clouds.
  • Compatibility with the BIM methodology, Access to related documentation from the model itself.
  • Possibility of making the system compatible with other file management systems such as Sharepoint.

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