CWS. Slopes inventory & risk control:

We have adapted CWS in collaboration with Typsa to deal with the information related to the slopes of the AP-8 and AP-1 in Euskadi, managed by Bidegi, fo the Generalitat fo Catalonia in Barcelona, Slopes in roads of Gipuzkoa deputation and Euskadi railways manager (ETS). There are more than 1200 slopes that the platform will manage:

  • Slopes inventory
  • Slopes risk control managemente
  • Inspections management
  • Landslides historic
  • Slope construction information
  • Geotechnical information
  • IoT functionalities
    • Monitoring management (load cells, inclinometers, etc.) in real time and offline
    • Reports and graphics generarion
    • Management of weather information in real time and incorporation into the risk prediction system
  • Documents management
  • Alarms generation
  • GIS tools
  • CAD tools
  • 3D. The user can use for example drones flights information in the platform
  • INSAR images management
  • BIM compatible for inventory and maintenance work


Slopes view

Slopes data

Slope BIM model in CWS

3D. Points cloud of the slope

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