CWS. Slopes inventory & risk control:

We have adapted CWS in collaboration with Typsa and Euroconsult to deal with the information related to the slopes of the AP-8 and AP-1 in Euskadi, managed by Bidegi. There are more than 400 slopes in this motorways and the platform will manage:

  • Slopes inventory
  • Slopes risk control managemente
  • Inspections management
  • Landslides historic
  • Slope construction information
  • Geotechnical information
  • Monitoring management (load cells, inclinometers, etc.) in real time and offline
    • Reports and graphics generarion
  • Management of weather information in real time and incorporation into the risk prediction system
  • Documents management
  • Alarms generation
  • GIS tools
  • CAD tools
  • 3D. The user can use for example drones flights information in the platform


Slopes view

Slopes data

3D. Points cloud of the slope