The earth movement is one of the most important items in the budget of a linear civil work, and has a significant influence on both the calculation and design processes, as well as those of planning and execution. The detailed study and optimization of these operations are important aspects to consider to ensure the success of the project.

ICOM was born within the CWS platform as an Optimized Mass Compensation method, it is a novel service for the optimization of earthworks in linear civil works. It takes into account, as fundamental criteria, those required by current regulations regarding the quality of materials based on their nature and composition.

The service allows obtaining a land compensation more effective than traditional methods, reaching a balance between Cost, Quality and Environment. This translates into the reduction of transport distances, volume of material, execution time, emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and waste generated. It also guarantees compliance with current regulations on the construction of linear works (PG-3).

In addition, the ICOM service provides great versatility when it comes to land compensation, allowing it to be recalculated at any time, just by blocking or modifying any of the parameters involved in the calculation. In this way, it allows you to quickly compare different hypotheses, as well as provide an agile solution to the unforeseen events that inevitably arise in a work of these characteristics.


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