Based on CivilInventory and CivilRoad includes features focused on:

  • Inventory of structures
  • Management of inspections of structures

The solution can be implemented as a native solution or as a web service based on the cloud (CWS) and includes:

  • All the functionalities of the CivilWorks base platform
    • Advanced GIS
    • CAD tools
    • 3D
    • BIM compatibility
    • Documents manager
    • Report generation
    • Users and profiles management
  • Advanced inventory system for all types of structures, viaducts, bridges, etc.
  • Possibility of personalization of the inventory detail.
  • Management of inspections of annual and main structures.
  • Damage catalog management.
  • Incorporation of 3D models for the study of the structure (models based on the BIM methodology)
  • Possibility of incorporating point clouds from drone flights e.g.
  • Generating reports in one click
  • Mobile app for the management of structures (In real time or in batch mode 4G / Wifi / USB):
    • Inventory collection insitu
    • Photographic report
    • Insitu structures data consultation
    • Inspections
    • Comparison insitu with past inspections
    • Reports collection by voice

Importing inventory info from BIM model

Structures inventory