CivilSegments is a unique solution for precast tunnel segments management and traceability, starting from the production process, to the final assembly of the concrete ring, after handling, storage and installation stages. We can offer our customers different services:

  • Precast segments traceability.
  • Precast segments traceability + Labelling solutions.
  • In collaboration with our PartnersPrecast segments traceability + Labelling solutions + Communications.

CivilSegments offers your company:

  • Multi-factory management.
  • Multi-tunnel management.
  • Rings, segments, reinforcements, mixtures, molds, etc. traceability from the precast plant to the tunnel.
  • Customization of traceability parameters.
  • Quality control. Test control.
  • Production control.
  • Monitoring control.
  • Visual information management.
    • Real time precast plant management.
    • Real time tunnel rings installation management.
  • 2D & 3D tunnel view
  • Tunnel BIM model
  • Alarms management. Real time SMS & email alarms.
  • Automated reports generation.
  • Mobile app.

We can adapt CivilSegments to your needs. Ask our support team about customized functionalities. 

More about CivilSegments :: Use cases


Precast plant


Rings schema

Tunnel rings deployment view

Tunnel rings deployment view. Detail


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More about CivilSegments :: Use cases