CivilRoad Mobile uses Android-based tablets to eliminate paper use in field operations. Using CivilRoad Mobile you can:

  • The app facilitates the collection of data using preconfigured parameters to easy introduce information. It uses the latest technologies to collect data by voice, automatically obtain georeferenced information, photos can be integrated easily, manage real time data, video recording, etc.
  • Asset management
  • Documents management associated with the civil work elements both in construction and maintenance processes
  • Alingments management
  • Dramatic decreases the collection data time for all kind of field operations.
  • Helps you to minimize errors.
  • Automatic data upload using mobile networks or using batch mode (Wifi or USB).
  • Instant operation reports generation reducing data processing costs.
  • Automatic alerts management.
  • Users and profiles management to access report generation.
  • Structures inspections management.
  • Use our inventory Apps to create new elements, punctual, linear and polygonal.

All our clients explain us their needs and new features are included in frequent updates.

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Asset management

App mainscreen

You can visualize the road elements and the road layout

It`s easy to introduce operations data using the app. Structure inspection