CivilConstruction has been designed for civil works monitoring, quality control management, materials traceability, and other functionalities used during building process. CivilConstruction need CivilWorks to operate and is fully interoperable with the other platform solutions.

  • Project data management. You can import Project information generated by the layout design software (Cvil 3D, Clip, Istram Ispol, etc.). Contact us about this possibility.
  • Civil Works monitoring. Implementation rate of earth movements, structures, drainages, tunnels, etc. Budget variances. Specific GIS queries. Progress report generation.
  • Quality control. Inspection plan management. Fully-configurable. Laboratory test management. Construction elements status managemente. Alarm generation.
  • Materials traceability. Pavement and soils traceability. Consultation at any given time of materials origin or quality checks.
  • Inventory management. You can obtain a complete infrastructure inventory after construction work. This inventory can be used in conservation and maintenance operations (CivilRoad).
  • Expropiations management. Expropiations expedients and catastral maps management.

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Residential complex. Buildings + earth movement + roads

GIS query. Buildings implementation rate

GIS query. Piles execution and concrete deviation


Expropiations management