MINETRACK is a solution for management of heavy machinery in mining and civil works. MINETRACK is based on the CWS platform and can incorporate the different compatible modules and the standard functionalities of the platform. In addition, MINETRACK is compatible with the RECMIN mining software with whom it integrates to obtain information about the materials and the laws that are being managed in dumpers and excavators.



  • Solution based on CWS and therefore hosted in the Cloud
  • Developed entirely by CIVILNOVA SOLUTIONS, it is completely independent of third-party licenses
  • Allows the management of multiple work centers (mines, quarries, construction sites, etc.) independently or in aggregate
  • Allows the configuration of profiles for the staff with different levels of access
  • GIS platform
    • WMS map management
    • Connectivity with dynamic map services (Google Maps, Openstreetmap, Openrailwaymap, etc.)
    • Incorporation of orthophotos
    • Incorporation of dxf files, of cartography of the area for example
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles in 2D and 3D
  • Possibility of incorporating point clouds with 3D tracking of vehicles
  • Machinery management
    • Configurable checklist for vehicle status control
    • consumables management
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Management of associated costs and prices
  • Personnel management
  • Management of exploitation or work materials
  • Management of zones of interest as restricted areas
  • Management of loading and unloading points
  • Generation of visual alarms and warnings. Excess speed, intrusion into the exclusion zone, due to breakdowns, etc.
  • Dashboard to track jobs. Production and performance graphs.
  • Multiple options for generating production reports
  • Data export in open formats (.csv)
  • Possibility of using our API to export data to BI tools
  • Compatible with RECMIN. It is integrated to obtain information on the materials and grades that are being managed in dumpers, excavators, loaders, etc.



  • Two work modes, supervisor and operator
  • Sending internal messages through the application
  • Options for monitoring safety at work
  • Generation of alarms, by vehicle speed, by intrusion into an exclusion zone, by breakdowns, etc.
  • Versions for Android and iOS


In addition, we advise you when incorporating mobile devices for the use of our App in your machinery, depending on the working conditions, type of vehicle, etc.

For more information about MINETRACK you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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