CivilInventory is a step forward in inventory systems. We know that each client needs certain adaptations for his own system to be fully useful, and under that premise we designed CivilInventory. CivilInventory allows:

    • The rapid adaptation of the system to possible new inventory chapters
    • High detail description of all kind of elements. You can ask our developers team to create new parameters if you need them.
    • Documents management related to elements.
    • Graphical management of elements represented with symblos or geographic vectorial feartures.
    • You can create anytime new elements of every category.
    • CivilInventory can be combined with other platform modules.
    • CivilInventory also has App for mobile devices that allow the insitu collection of inventory data and its subsequent incorporation into the platform. The elements may be punctual elements, linear elements or polygonal elements (enclosures)


Android inventory app

The main inventory categories that users can utilize right now are:

  • Earth movement
  • Transversal drainages
  • Longitudinal drainages
  • Structures
  • Piles
  • Tunnels
  • Pavement
  • Containment systems
  • Fencing
  • Buildings
  • Signalling and beaconing
  • lighting network
  • Water supply network
  • Waste
  • etc.

CivilInventory is necessary if you want to use CivilConstruction or CivilRoad and needs CivilWorks to operate.

CivilInventory has also been generalized for other inventory projects either through our CWS platform, or through the Desktop version. We have developed projects related to:

  • Monitoring: Inclinometers, load cells, prisms, piezometers, flowmeters and any measuring device that needs to be monitorized.
  • Inventory of cultural items: As for example in our project for  St James Way.
  • Inventory of ongoing works: Case of our project for the Council of Ferrol that allows the management of conservation works and ongoing maintenance.

Remember that our solution grows daily and all our developments arise from the collaboration with our customers through our support.

More about CivilInventory | Relates use cases


Crossing drainages inventory


Elements icons on CivilInventory. Garbage containers and street lights


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