We have created a software platform that can accommodate any need arising from the development of civil works, either under construction or in maintenance and operation phase. We have different solutions based on CivilWorks that serve different processes. Some of them are CivilConstructrion (monitoring, quality control and traceability in construction phase), CivilInventory (ítems inventory), CivilRoad (roads maintenance and operation), CivilGeo (geotechnical campaigns management), CkBlast (explosives traceability), or CivilSegments (traceability of precast segments).

CivilWorks is the base of all the solutions of our platform CivilSegments included. CivilWorks provides the following services to those solutions:

Geographical information system (GIS). Developed by our engineers. Enterely interoperable.

Documental management. Embedded in all solution processes.

Report generator. We have developed our own report system designed to cover all needs of the solution combining graphics, lists and CAD.

CAD. CivilWorks includes CAD tools to perform basic operations.

Profiles and users management. The superuser can define what profiles and users can access the different solution modules.

Interoperability. With other solutions, cloud systems or other SO applications such as Android or Windows Mobile apps.

More about our modules and its functionalities in

CivilWorks Platform

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